Report n°1 – 28th of November 2019

Not all experiments can be done in space – there is not enough time, money, equipment, and manpower. Ground-based analog studies are completed faster and cheaper. Which is why, analog missions play a significant role by preparing us for near-term and future exploration. The main goal of this project is to simulate as realistically as possible a mission on the Moon. Sustainability is necessary when considering a settlement there! Which is why, the experiments conducted and the Design of the base are thought in order to suit this scope.

The Design Base Team is working on minimizing as much as possible the resources the base will need. For that we have subdivided the team as such: Communication, Hygiene, Sport, Resources and Architectural adaptations.

With the help of some laboratories and scientific centers, the experiment team is working on a wide range of experiments which can be performed during the simulation; from psychology to robotics, from medicine to astronomy, and much more; without overlooking the sustainable aspect of the mission!

Design Base Team
Experiment Team
MCC Team

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