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Mission postponement


3,2,1,… Wait, I’m picking up an anomaly. Abort the launch sequence.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, EPFL chosed to take sanitary measures to slow the spread of the virus. The school has therefore imposed the closure of the Lausanne campus to guests where our astronauts’ training was to take place. The launch of the Asclepios mission in April was therefore declared NO-GO by the project managers.

But a rocket has much more inertia than that, you don’t stop it with a snap of your fingers. At best, it can be deflected. The mission will therefore take place at a later date among the three backup dates planned in case of a firing incident. Far from being a half-tone failure, the postponement of the mission to the 2020/2021 school year will be exploited to ensure greater realism.

Dress Rehearsal

From the 28th of february to the 1st of march, our astronauts have performed a dress rehearsal of the april mission. The Asclepios managers were taking the role of MCC and following the procedures laid down for the mission. The activities of this event included workshop given by the astrnauts to exchange personnal skills among themselves as well as the assembly of the antenna of our radio-astro experiment. 

Critical Design Review (CDR)



The managers of the Asclepios project have to defended the mission planing in front of the EPFL laboratories. This public session aimed at presenting the project as well as obtaining the feedbacks of professionels in order to benefit from their experience.

Workshop in an extreme environment in Crans-Montana

The Asclepios astronaut crew as well as the project manager just did a workshop in the Swiss ski station of Crans-Montana. The workshop was lead by French polar explorer Alban Michon and took place between the 13th and 16th of february. Activities included building and living inside a tents camp, diving under the ice of the Moubra lake by day and by night as well as team building exercises. This was made possible thanks to the partnership with the economic promotion of the association of towns of Crans-Montana.