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Mission's specificities

The analog mission Asclepios IV, launching in Summer 2024, will be a lunar base simulation. The astronauts are students that will go through extensive training to master the successful execution of the selected projects and experiments. Upon successful completion of the trainings, six astronauts will be ready to spend two weeks isolates inside a simulated lunar base, in Switzerland, and they will take part in extravehicular activities (EVAs). 

Shot from the Asclepios I mission


Pr. Claude Nicollier

Claude Nicollier is a former ESA astronaut and is currently a professor at EPFL. He is a member of the Swiss Space Center and participated in the astronaut selection process at ESA. Claude is the mentor of the Asclepios astronaut team.

Asclepios IV Team

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Mission outcome

This section will be filled after the completion of the mission and the analysis of the results. As of now, you can download the Asclepios II brochure.

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