Why join the project ?

  • Skill development: leadership, professionalism, specialized workshops, hard skills depending on your position & team…
  • Great spirit of collaboration in a diverse & international team!
  • Networking: contact and work with space professionals and scientists, industries, media…
  • A wonderful mission at the end!

How to become a member ?

To apply for the project, fill out the contact form down below and indicate which team and tasks (detailed below) interest you. After the reception of your candidacy, you will be contacted by the leaders of the teams you’ve applied to. They will interview you in order to discuss your motivation and role in the Asclepios project.

Members of the project are members of the Asclepios association which aims at promoting space sciences and is responsible for the Asclepios project. Its yearly membership fee is CHF 25 (swiss francs). If you are selected, we will provide you with more details on how to join the Asclepios association.

Asclepios team structure

Open project tasks

IT Officer

IT officer

Implements communication means between Astronauts base and Mission control. Is responsible for communication in the MCC (use of softwares, setup, etc)
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Website officer

Website officer

Uses Elementor (and wordpress) to build, modify and update the Asclepios project website.
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Project's jobs detail

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Astronauts Team
Science Team
Design Team
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