Bachelor and master students have to realize semester projects related to their field of specialization. These projects can be conducted within initiatives such as Asclepios, that is why we offer students from EPFL or sometimes Unil with the possibility to earn ECTS credits while working on space related projects. 

The list below presents the currently open positions. Note that for some projects, the supervising laboratory is still to be determined (TBD), and the student will have to work with Asclepios to find a supervisor.

If you are interested in a project, we advise you to download the detailled project sheet to read additional informations.

Do not hesitate to contact us by filling the contact form if you are interested.

Here is the list of the projects available :

Air Quality
VR Environment  – Part II
Lunar Water Spectrometer


Virtual Space Airlock Project

This project aims at developing 3D objects that will be part of an airlock used in virtual reality (VR) Moon-like environment. Apply
Laboratory : SKIL, IIG, ENAC School
Sections :
All (strong coding skills)
Status :
Semester : Fall 2022


Study about Moonquakes and its consequences on Human Buildings

The goal of this project is to study the consequences that can have moonquakes on human base infrastructures  Apply
Laboratory : eeSD
Sections : GC, SIE, AR
Status : Available
Semester : Fall 2022

Atmospheric Measurements Tower Part IV Test in extreme conditions.

The goal of this project is to add new types of connectors to the tower and to evaluate these in extreme conditions. Apply

Laboratory : CCLAB
Sections : GC, SIE, GM, EL, MX, PH, CGC
Status : Available
Semester : Fall 2022


Occupational Hazards and Risks in a Lunar Space Base - II

Assess the occupational hazards and risks regarding the operation of a measurement tower on another celestial body. Apply
Laboratory : GSCP
Sections : PH, CGC, EL, MT, GM, GC, SIE, SV
Status : Available
Semester : starting fall 2021

Building a video, voice and text communication system between the analogue base and the Mission Control Center. Apply
Laboratory :
Sections : all
Status : Available
Semester : starting fall 2021

Atmospheric Measurements Tower - Part III - Installation and Testing of Measurements Instruments on the Tower

Install instruments on the measurement towers and test them in the field. Apply
Laboratory :
Sections : GC, SIE, GM, EL, MX, PH, CGC
Status : Available
Semester : starting fall 2021

Development of a fuel cell system for operation in extreme environments

Develop a cabinet to protect a miniaturized fuel cell system system and keep it operative in extreme environments.
Sections :
Status : Available
Semestre : starting fall 2021

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