We would like to thank our partners for believing in our mission and allowing us to shoot for the Moon and beyond !

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The San Gottardo pass is one of the most important Alpine passes, located at 2106 m a.s.l. This Alpine pass marks the border between the Canton of Ticino and the Canton of Uri. The Sasso San Gottardo Foundation, based in Airolo (Ticino), is a private non-profit organization. Its purpose is the long-term preservation of the Sasso San Gottardo Museum in the historic Sasso San Gottardo, considered a valuable historical and cultural asset. The Sasso San Gottardo will provide the location for the analog base of the next Asclepios II mission.

eSpace at EPFL provides high-standard education, leading space technology development and coordination of multi-disciplinary learning projects. One of their goals is to promote their achievements and help transferring them to the industry and the public domain or to encourage entrepreneurship.

Verbier is an alpine village in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. It is a good access point for the 4 Vallées ski area. From the trails on the Mont Fort glacier you can admire the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. Mount Gelé is known for its slopes, on which off-piste skiing is practiced.


This school is one of the leading European centers for education and research in the field of information technology. The technological revolution has changed people’s lives in countless ways over the past half century. This is why this school carries out research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge, promotes the commercial use of the research carried out and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of teachers and students.

(Asclepios I: EPFL’s IC School is one of the main European centers for education and research in the field of Information Technology.)

The Columbia Sportswear Company is an American company that manufactures and distributes outerwear, sportswear, and footwear, as well as headgear, camping equipment, ski apparel, and outerwear accessories. It was founded in 1938 by Paul Lamfrom, the father of Gert Boyle. The company is headquartered in Cedar Mill, an unincorporated area in Washington County, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area near Beaverton. Columbia’s rapid sales growth was fueled by its jackets, which featured breathable waterproof fabric and interchangeable shells and liners.


icebreaker® fornisce alternative naturali all’abbigliamento a base sintetica, per creare un futuro più sano e sostenibile per la nostra specie e il pianeta. Questa azienda fa parte di VF Corporation, una delle più grandi aziende di abbigliamento, calzature e accessori del mondo che collega le persone agli stili di vita, alle attività e alle esperienze che più amano attraverso una famiglia di marchi iconici di abbigliamento per l’outdoor, l’attività fisica e il lavoro, tra cui The North e Napapijri®.

Solenix is an international company providing engineering and consulting services in the space market. On the consultancy side, Solenix covers a wide range of domains starting from spacecraft operations services, general engineering and management support, to research and development of advanced technologies and concepts.

The School of Basic Sciences is responsible for teaching and researching in chemistry, mathematics, physics and related domains. A growing emphasis has been developing in fields at the interface between their traditional disciplines.

Céline Renaud, specialist in public speaking, has given more than 3000 conferences/shows in this domain. While mastering five languages she is a self-entrepreneur combining motivation, art, innovation and sustainability which made her win numerous awards such as one of the 20 women of influence in Switzerland. Her passion for music, nature and people enable her to construct rich courses in public speaking for those who require it. Céline Renaud provides communication training for the analog astronauts crew.

Specialised in the distribution of multi-brand outdoor meals, Lyophilise & Co is the European leader in the online resale of freeze-dried meals. Our catalogue contains more than 1700 food references (personalised rations and food kits, freeze-dried and canned meals, sports nutrition) and equipment for “Eating well in all circumstances”. Based in Lorient, France, in the heart of the Pôle Course au Large, our company has developed solid expertise in the field of food autonomy.


HE Space is a leading contracting company specialised in providing managed services and human resources to the space sector. The company employs space experts in the fields of engineering, science, operations, software development and administration. Employees contribute towards every major European space programme. Notable players like ESA, ArianeGroup, Airbus Defence and Space, EUMETSAT, DLR and many more have drawn on their expertise for nearly 40 years.

Les Petits Montagnards is a company for the rental of outdoor products. It is a Savoyard society for which children and adults should always live outdoors, play, discover nature, and experience great adventures. An #ecoresponsible solution to consume differently.

Science Adventure develops integrated software and hardware systems particularly based on the study of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The systems are applied in aerospace and health-care or boundary sectors such as Real Estate or Social Science. In particular, in the aerospace sector SciAdv provides aircraft design services and carries out commercial evaluations of airplanes and helicopters; SciAdv performs services based on the use of drones; SciAdv also provides services based on the analysis of EO images from satellites.