We would like to thank our partners for believing in our mission and allowing us to shoot for the Moon and beyond !

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The San Gottardo pass is one of the most important Alpine passes, located at 2106 m a.s.l. This Alpine pass marks the border between the Canton of Ticino and the Canton of Uri. The Sasso San Gottardo Foundation, based in Airolo (Ticino), is a private non-profit organization. Its purpose is the long-term preservation of the Sasso San Gottardo Museum in the historic Sasso San Gottardo, considered a valuable historical and cultural asset. The Sasso San Gottardo will provide the location for the analog base of the next Asclepios II mission.

Located in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a university and research institute founded in 1969. EPFL is one of Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan science and technology institutions. Ranked among the best institutions of technology in the world, EPFL emphasizes innovation, interdisciplinarity and diversity at all levels of teaching and research, encourages and supports the birth of over 300 startups since 2000 and promotes international exchanges, providing students with a unique and enriching experience both academically and personally. Asclepios is an association officially recognised by EPFL.


This school is one of the leading European centers for education and research in the field of information technology. The technological revolution has changed people’s lives in countless ways over the past half century. This is why this school carries out research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge, promotes the commercial use of the research carried out and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of teachers and students.

(Asclepios I: EPFL’s IC School is one of the main European centers for education and research in the field of Information Technology.)


Solenix is an international company providing engineering and consulting services in the space market. On the consultancy side, Solenix covers a wide range of domains starting from spacecraft operations services, general engineering and management support, to research and development of advanced technologies and concepts.

The School of Basic Sciences is responsible for teaching and researching in chemistry, mathematics, physics and related domains. A growing emphasis has been developing in fields at the interface between their traditional disciplines.

Céline Renaud, specialist in public speaking, has given more than 3000 conferences/shows in this domain. While mastering five languages she is a self-entrepreneur combining motivation, art, innovation and sustainability which made her win numerous awards such as one of the 20 women of influence in Switzerland. Her passion for music, nature and people enable her to construct rich courses in public speaking for those who require it. Céline Renaud provides communication training for the analog astronauts crew.


Educational Institutions