The call for projects is currently closed. It is open only occasionally during a campaign lasting several weeks. If you or your organisation would like to submit an application, you can do so during our next call when it will be announced. Below you will find the instructions and timelines for the call for projects for Asclepios I of 01/08/2020.

The Asclepios team launches this Call for Projects to select concrete ideas for projects related to these topics:

  • Space exploration
  • Energy management
  • Communication technology
  • Life support systems
  • Smart & autonomous habitat
  • Physiology, psychology & human aspect

We invite laboratories, start-ups, companies, but also students to submit their idea proposal below for the Asclepios analogue mission. Selected ideas will join the Asclepios mission taking place in Switzerland.

The mission

The Asclepios mission will gather 6 analogue astronauts, who will be isolated during one week performing experiments as if they were on the Moon. Those astronauts are students, and will follow a training in December in order to be prepared for each experiment. The Asclepios mission will then take place in February. You can find more information on our mission here.

On which criteria are projects selected ?

The projects we are looking for should be interesting and useful in the context of space exploration or sustainability. In order to evaluate your projects, we will look after the feasibility for our mission, the scientific value, the potential for further development, the physical parameters required (temperature, pressure, …), the equipment needed (volume, weight), and the time necessary for the astronauts to perform/test it.

How to apply?

The project selection will be made based on the outline proposal. The selected candidates will then need to submit a full proposal and their project will be realized during one of the Asclepios missions.

Outline proposal (sent no later than September 15th):

  • Abstract: clear but succinct description of the project (purpose and goal of the project, first hypothesis, method of research, what results do we expect…). 
  • Context: explain why is your project useful (in a space exploration context).
  • Rough idea of the time taken by an astronaut to perform your project and succinct description of the task the astronaut has to do during the mission.
  • Key dates of your project’s development, in order to have it ready for astronauts’ training

Full proposal (due for November 1st): requirements will be communicated to all applicants.

Does your project need an ethical approval ? 

If so, you need to send us this approval by December 1st. As the process to get an ethical approval is long, please think about contacting an ethic committee before you receive the first go / no-go from Asclepios. You might need ethical approvals from your own country AND from the place where the mission is taking place. Please send your application as early as possible if you want us to tell you if your project needs an ethical approval.

Please note that applications submitted outside the online procedure or after the Call for Projects closing date will not be considered.

Please keep in mind also that we won’t be funding anything but the logistics, and transportation to our habitat since we are a non lucrative, student association, with a small budget. Our goal is to be a platform for the researchers/companies to test their projects and experiments relative to the space field, not to develop technologies with them.

For more information, please contact