You can find attached our brochure with the detailed selection criteria that we will use to select the projects.

Asclepios is a non-profit organization, therefore we can only provide limited funding solutions. It is therefore preferred if the project is already supported by a laboratory, company or organisation which can help with getting some resources.

Yes of course, you can apply as a team but make sure you only send one application per project.

There is no cost to submit your application.

Usually, the PIs of the projects are not required to attend in person, as the astronauts are the only ones allowed to interact with the projects during the mission. However, if you wish to visit the base this can be arranged and there is not any special permission required.

A confidentiality agreement has been signed by each member of the science team and by all of the election committee who will be responsible for the selection process.

We have absolutely no restriction on the researchers’ nationality or country of residence. We are happy to receive projects from all around the world. The selection process will only be based on the project following the criteria available on the website but at no time on the applicant’s personal details.

The ethical process should be part of the Phase B and is a selection criteria. It is recommended to have ethical approval by the end of phase B. If this cannot be done in time, we will require proof of the undertaken process or we would require the application to be ready to be sent as soon as the project is accepted for the mission.

Other potential questions:

During the selection process, each of the following will be taken into account: Coherence with mission statement, Novelty, Probability of leading to high-impact publication, Feasibility, Schedule, Cost, Asclepios Unique Selling Point, Ethics, Sustainability, Safety, Partnership. For detailed guidance, please check ‘selection criteria’ in our brochure.

Yes, you can! However, do keep in mind that if your project requires an ethical approval, you might need to be supported by an entity such as a lab, company or organisation that could help you get the ethical approval.

All you need for Phase A is to fill out the outline proposal, so you can submit the application and then start working on your project – you should be ready to do it as soon as possible. However, do keep in mind that the status of the project will be taken into account when weighed against other projects. Additionally, if you are selected for Phase B, you will have to submit a full proposal and get an ethical approval (if relevant) by 22nd of January 2023. 

First of all – the possibility to test your space-related project during our analog mission! However, before getting there, our Science Officers will be a point of contact for the PIs if any help will be needed. Also, they will have recurrent meetings with the PIs to discuss the progress of the project and the details about conducting the experiments by analog astronauts. 

If you did not manage to have your project performed last year, you can still apply this year, either with the same project or a new one. Do keep in mind that taking part in the selection process last year does not mean that you can skip this step this year.