Head team

This group is made up of the heads of the various teams. The managers are responsible for the overall strategy, decision-making and coordination within of the project. They meet at least once a week to communicate on the progress of their tasks, plan future deadlines and to make sure that the project is running smoothly.

Each leader manages a team of between 5 to 20 motivated team members, passes them the latest decision and the ensures the representation of their opinion within the project.



The logistics team has the critical role of providing the rest of the project with the tools needed to perform its mission. It ranges from finding location or booking meeting rooms to looking for and purchasing consumable items. 

They are also in charge of an important part of the project’s coordination by ensuring inter-team communication, managing the work communication tools and the administrative work.


The Science team contacts laboratories and start-ups to set up new experiments, write protocols for each experiment and analyse the data collected after the mission. They also handle the search for space relevant industrial products and their usage during the missions.

The teams is divided into three different subgroup: Life aboard, Operations and Systems.


Some members of the team are students doing a Semester project as part of their Bachelor or Master studies.

Astronauts management

The astronauts management team handle everything related to the astronaut crew of the Asclepios missions. They are responsible for every step of the recruitment and selection of the crew. Once the crew is recruited, its training is their responsibility. This duty puts them in charge of searching for ways to ensure that the astronauts receive teachings on a level required to ensure the realism and the succes of an analogue mission.


The communication team is responsible of the project’s public image. It uses social medias, external events, website development tools to ensure that the project reaches space enthusiasts or newcomers alike as well as allow the project to meet new partners to work with. 

It is also the press organ of the project, acting as an intermediary between journalists and any component of Asclepios.