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29/06/2021 - Imminent lift-off for the Asclepios analogue space mission

The analogue space mission Asclepios I will start in two weeks. Aiming to simulate a scientific expedition to the Moon, this project is led by EPFL students in partnership with many actors of the industry. The mission will take place in underground tunnels at Nagra’s Grimsel Test Site in the Bernese Alps from the 12th to 20th of July 2021.

02/06/2021 - Under-pressure training for the analogue astronauts of Asclepios

The Asclepios analogue space mission will hold one of its training sessions near Lyon between the 11th and 13th of June. In partnership with the environmental protection association Odysseus 3.1, the six analogue astronauts of the mission will be able to put on a deep-sea diving suit and train in simulated reduced gravity conditions in the Chamagnieu quarry and in the Meyzieu pit.

05/05/2021 - Serco sponsors innovative education project Asclepios

Serco Europe, a leading provider of services in the space sector, is sponsoring the Asclepios mission. Guido Vingione, Space Business Development Director for Serco Europe, said: “We are very proud of our collaboration with this initiative, which is a confirmation of our involvement in innovation and education projects linked to space research in an international environment. We look forward to witnessing the outcome of this first, exciting mission.”

16/10/2020 - IDUN Technologies AG tests DRYODE

 The ETH Zurich spin-off IDUN Technologies is creating the Internet of Humans. With their full-stack DRYODE™ biosensor technology the company seeks to understand emotional and cognitive states of the mind and to connect them to IoT networks. IDUN and Space@yourService have entered a strategic partnership.

05/09/2020 - Mission Dates Reveal

The EPFL student project Asclepios, which organizes analogue space missions, has made public the dates of its Asclepios I mission. It will take place in Switzerland from the 3rd to the 12th of February 2021. This mission will be hosted within the infrastructure of a project partner, Nagra at the Grimsel Test Site.

30/06/2020 - Astronauts Recruitment

Seven astronaut positions are available for an analogue space mission. The EPFL Space@yourService student association launched the recruitment of analogue astronauts on the 15th of June 2020. It will end the on 7th of July at midnight (swiss time). They will participate in its second mission, ASCLEPIOS II. Students from all over the world can send their application. During one week, they will live like astronauts occupying a lunar base