Head team

Heads of work packages are responsible for overall strategy, decisions-making and coordination within their respective team.


The design team’s objectives are to find a location for the mission, prepare the habitat for the analog astronauts and plan for the needs of the astronauts for a 7-day mission. Different aspects of the design are delegated to smaller teams:

Communication: Responsible for the communication between the astronauts and mission control.

Sanity: Responsible for the astronauts’ hygiene, nutrition and sport.

Safety: Responsible for collecting safety procedures from partners (Laboratories, skyguide) and write complementary safety procedures.

Resources: Responsible for providing necessary resources such as water and electricity, and to measure their use.

Crafting: Responsible for crafting and building the necessary equipment for the habitat arrangement.


The experiments team contacts laboratories and start-ups to set up new experiments, write protocols for each experiment and analyse the data collected after the mission.

Organisation: Each experiment that will be conducted during the mission is assigned to one member. This member is responsible for their experiment and reports to the head of experiments.

Some Members of the experiments team are working remotely.

One experiment is conducted as a laboratory project for physics students in third year of Bachelor at EPFL.


The communication team is the public face of Asclepios. Social Media, public events and press coordination are managed by its members. The project website is also updated by the team.

Mission control center

The mission control team is writing the procedures and flight planning for the mission. The team is monitoring and managing the dress rehearsal. Its members are also in charge of the astronauts’ recruitment and training.

Finance and Coordination

Finance: The team is looking for sponsors, partners and in-kind support. Members also serve as treasurer of the project.

Coordination: The team is ensuring coherence in the project. Timeline and project organisation are also part of the team work package.

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