We are looking for research groups, companies, students, and start-ups that do research in the field of Exploration and Habitat Optimization in Lunar Environment. Key research areas include environmental sciences and sustainability, engineering, robotics and physics. 

The call is also applicable to projects that explore the fields of space biology and biomedicine in lunar operations

In general, if you think your project is relevant to space exploration and life on the Moon, and if you think it would benefit from an analogue mission, we want to hear from you!

Stay tuned for Asclepio V call for projects

The mission

The analog mission Asclepios IV, launching in summer 2024, will be a lunar base simulation. The astronauts are students that will go through extensive training to master the successful execution of the selected projects and experiments. Upon successful completion of the trainings, six astronauts will be ready to spend two weeks isolated inside a simulated lunar base and they will take part in extravehicular activities (EVAs). 

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